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※自分用メモ{何か よく分からん 期待をするな、拾えるものを 落とすな、適当に賭けてマイナスを増やすな}

当たりそうなところから 割に合うのがあれば選ぶか

本年は とりあえず GⅠを目指してみるということで

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02 Mar 18/30R 44% 109% 100,700JPY 110,410JPY 9,710JPY
03 Mar 0/0R 0% 0% 0JPY 0JPY 0JPY

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02 Mar | 03 Mar

=Open(Free) to Uma friend =Open(Free) to person who add you to watch list
=Open(Free) to Uma friend and person who add you to watch list =Open(Free) to all
=Sell by Gold