Japan's No.1 Racing Tips! What kind of website is Umanity?

Let's all share racing tips! Your predictions get better on Umanity!

Japan No.1 in Transparency : Win or lose, all the results of predictions a racing tipster makes are posted.
Japan No.1 in Winners: Every year over 100 winning tipsters come out--winning meaning over 100% annual winning ratio.
Japan No.1 in number of Tips: Between the JRA and NAR, some 5 million racing tips are registered (posted).

The Number of membership



Umanity receives official support of the 3 horseracing publications of the Sankei Shimbun--Sanspo, Horseracing Eight and the weekly, Gallop. The Umanity horseracing site also is backed up by programs like Sunday Racing Nippon via tie-ups with Nippon Broadcasting.
Since gong online in 2008, Umanity has offered one new service after another that other horseracing sites just don’t, resulting in many racing fans using our site--at present we have grown into Japan’s largest horseracing tips community with over 360 thousand registered members.


Umanity offers 3 types of services--experience, tips and information groupings.
We have a lineup of services for everyone, from beginners to Pros--that answer all their various needs--whether for the sport, for tips or for investing purposes.
That said, almost of our services can be used by simply registering as a member (free) of our racing tips site--it’ a great deal!

1. Experience Services

Tip Coliseumfree

Over the year some 5 million racing tips are registered in Japan’s largest and highest-level racing tip events. So you can get a taste of the thrill of horse racing without betting any money--with our auto-tallying tools you can keep track of your results and bump up your racing prediction prowess through objective self-analysis.

Umanity WIN5free

WIN5 is the only horse-racing simulation game in Japan that allows you to make virtual race predictions. Without betting any money, you can practice WIN5, which is hard to beat and takes a lot of money. Practice on Umanity WIN5 and then aim to strike it rich for 600 million yen with real betting tickets.

Umanity POGfree

POG stands for Paper Owner Game. POG lets you virtually buy actual JRA registered racehorses and compete for rankings according to the total prize money of your horses. With the introduction of POG’s first-ever bidding system, the horse race auction really heats up!

2. Tip-related Services

Pro Tipster Max有料

Umanity-approved professional race tipsters provide racing tips. The racing tips the professional tipsters provide aren’t just symbols that indicate the outcome, but a proper racing tip that indicates the betting combination and how to allocate funds--racing tips whose wins/losses are completely transparent in this competitive head-to-head “Gachinko” world. Their competitive racing tips can be had for as little as 100 yen per race.

Sugouma Robot有料

The evolution of racing tip software! Our racing tip engine comes equipped with the Umanity-developed horse race performance U-speed figure. Uses “expected values” in its betting formulation logic. Racing tips software with a “super-high rate of return weighting” for automatically buying only betting tickets with high expected yields.

Strategy guide無料

Complete strategy guide that presents a variety of factors for the Graded races every week, from racing tips to columns and racing data. In the horse racing column Top4 Tipsters!, the pride of Umanity, the top 4 pros in the elite horseracing professional tipster corp Track Pro Tips MAX make their well thought-out racing tips public!

3. Information Services

Racing Information無料

Uses official JRA data. Provides race cards on all races held, plus real-time information, such as odds and in/decreases in horse weight, a horse racing database for the past 30 years or so, as well as Umanity’s proprietary horse race performance value, the “U-speed figure,” which gives you strong support for your racing tips.
*Fees apply to some services (VIP club)


Delivers the news from the sports paper Sanspo every day in real time. Provides a column on useful racing tips by Umanity-approved professional tipsters, horse racing writers and commentators.


Uses official NAR data. Provides all kinds of services, such as race information like the racing card and odds on all races at all tracks, the regional track edition of the Tip Coliseum, where anyone can register and post their racing tips, as well as a place for people like professional tipsters, and experts with a good record for specific tracks to sell their racing tips.

User's voice

We did a survey of members who participated in the Tip Coliseum and asked them their impressions of using the Tip Coliseum and how easy it was to use.

User Name Umanity Experience Comment
6 Years & 10 Months (when answered) In reality, hitting long-shots are few and far between, so you don't often hit a Trifecta, but here you can get a taste of what it feels like. And you’ll also improve your skill at picking races.
6Years & 5 Months (when answered) Offering the double attractions of different info from the sports and racing papers, plus getting tips faster. I think Umanity is No.1 in the amount of information.
1 Year & 7 Months (when answered) It’s good that you can practice making betting combinations without using your real money. At first I was registering all the races mechanically based on my prediction logic, but it made me realize it’s hard to win if you just bet on all the races using the same method. After all, by practicing a lot, you come to see things that you hadn't been able to see before.
7 Years (when answered) I try to look back and reflect on the past, and then write down why I came up with the tip in the tip comments column. I started using Umanity about 6 years ago, but recently I’ve really felt like my ability making tips has gotten better (if I do say so myself). My tips were posted in Sanspo and people who bought my tips thanked me--that really makes me happy.
6 Years & 11 Months (when answered) Quite a lot of veterans use Umanity, so I study every day to increase my own tip-making ability. I’ve increased my horse-racing circle of friends via Umanity, so I look forward to every weekend!
6 Years & 10 Months (when answered) I was studying how to buy mechanically. As a result, I realized that method of buying would get me nowhere. I came to understand for myself that even though they have a lower hit rate, betting on dark horses increases your net, so it got me going and now I mainly buy dark horse tickets. The way you make bets is the same as an actual betting ticket, so when it comes to looking back at the ticket balance sheet--it’s priceless.


To give Umanity members and racing fans a chance to mingle, Umanity holds events periodically at JRA-related facilities, such as Tokyo Race Course and Gate J. Tokyo Shinbashi.

Umanity Members Only!
Offline Get-together

We hold a get-together twice a year in a Tokyo Race Course’s guest room, with invites for 30 members.
By members request, we have also held such events at Kyoto Race Course and Nakayama Race Course.

Special Day of Umanity
(Tokyo Race Course)

Twice a year we set up a special stage at Tokyo Race Course during the lunch break and hold a Race Prediction Meeting with Umanity-approved professional tipsters, as well as having a lottery of Umanity goods as prizes.

GI Race Meeting
Gate J. Tokyo Shinbashi

Twice a year we hold a GI race prediction meeting with Umanity-approved professional tipsters in the event space of Gate J. Tokyo Shimbashi. It’s a popular event every time, with so many coming it ends up standing room only.


Racing Tips SNS Umanity (Sanspo & Nippon Broadcasting Approved) is planned, produced and operated by Umanity Ltd.

Company name UMANITY,Inc
Address 1-24-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to,Japan
Establishment 14th July, 2008
Executive Managing Director : Tetsuya Jibiki
Director : Katsumi Maruyama
Outside Director : Hideyuki Makita(Senior Managing Director/Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.)
Outside Director : Shinobu Kiba
Outside Director : Ken Nishimura (Lawyer/Partner of SEIWA MEITETSU LAW OFFICE)
Outside Director : Hiroshi Makimura (CPA CTA/Partner of BE1 Accounting Office)
Stated capital 50million yen
The number of employees 9