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1: Let’s try our hand at tips!

You can make tips in the Tip Coliseum for all JRA races. First off, try registering a tip!

Select a race

Try clicking the Make a Tip button!
Click "Tip Registration" (left figure) on the race you want to register tips on and then move on to the Tip Registration screen.
*You can also move on to the Tip Registration screen from the Racing Card (right figure) in the Race Information.

Mark tips

After you select the race you want to register tips for, mark the tips and make comments (anything you want), then click the "Next" at the bottom left of the screen.

Enter your betting combinations

Enter your betting combinations
*The maximum you can purchase is 10,000 yen per race.
After you set your betting combinations, press the "Register to Tip Coliseum" button.

2: Try your hand making tips!

Some 80,000 user tips are registered every week.
You can view user tips by the type of field or the tips of top rankers in the Tip Coliseum.

Select tips

Try clicking the "User Tips" button!
Search the User Tips displayed in the list of tips for each race, or tips from Tournament Results, which show current and past tournament rankings, or by tipster.

Expected purchase

If you select the user whose tips you want to see, it takes you to that tipster’s Tip Coliseum My Page. Once there, if you click the Buy button for the race you want to see, you can view the tips.
*Viewing tips uses up Gold or points.


Register Watch Tipsters

If you have tipsters you like, you can register them in your Watch Tipsters by going to their My Page and clicking the Register to Watch Tipsters button.

STEP3: Check out tip results

After a race finishes, check out the result of tips from My Coliseum!
Updates such as tip results and rankings are made every Monday at 4pm.

Latest tip results

Select Latest Tips in My Coliseum and immediately check out the results!
In addition, your tips history is tallied, such as hit rate, rate of return, earnings, etc.


As long as you register at least 6R per week, your ranking is posted in the Tip Coliseum.
Check out the overall order and the rankings for the latest tournament.

Level and Rank

Check out Tipster Levels and rankings!
Rankings and levels are updated when the tournament is over and change according to your tip results.
Aim to be the King of the Coliseum!

Tip results of other users

The tip results of other users can be viewed in the Tip Coliseum.
It's fun to see the tip results of your Uma-Friends, Watch Tipsters, and other tipsters you're following.
Announce a great tip by pressing Nice in the tip results!