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1: Registering Tips

-Registration of tips begins after the horses running are determined.
-Tips can be registered for all races held by JRA or NAR
-You can register as many tips as you want up to 10,000 yen per race.
-The deadline for registering tips is 1 minute before post time for JRA races and2 minutes before those of NAR.
-If you participate in the Tip Coliseum, your Tipster Level and ranking are based on your tip results.
-Registered tips can be changed as many times as you like up to the registration deadline or until you fix it.
 Click Revise to the side of a race you wish to change and then revise the tip.

2: Tips Tournament

- The Tip Coliseum is a competition for results during 1 tournament period, which consists of the main races (4 weeks) held by JRA.
- Tournament results are posted only if you clear the number of tips specified for each period.

[Specified number of tips] Weekly results=6 races
Meet results=24 races
Yearly results=288 races
Overall results=1000 races

3: Recognition

Top performers during a tournament receive digital presents, such as trophies and certificates, and as extra prizes, Umanity points are awarded, so you can enjoy Umanity all the more. Top performers enjoy a variety of benefits, such as ability to sell tips, from the name recognition on Umanity, posting of tips on Sanspo sports papers, etc.

Champion100,000 points
2nd to 10th30,000 points
11th to 20th10,000 points

4: Tip deviation value, tipster level and tip rank

[Tip deviation value]

This is an index that indicates the predicting prowess of Umanity members every week and of tipsters for each race.
With an average value of 50, the higher the value, the better the tipster is at predicting races.
The fact that more high-quality tips are registered on Umanity speaks to the nature of our excellent tipsters.

[Tipster level]

This is our proprietary evaluation system and gives a comprehensive view of the tipster performance; the higher the level, the better the tipster performance. The level is calculated based on the tip deviation value of past tournaments over a set period of time, but it is weighted in favor of the most recent tournaments.

[Tipster rank]

Your rank is indicated as in the figure at right according to your Tipster Level.
Increasing your rank is the only way you can gain entry into Umanity Pro-Test , your chance to become a betting pro.

5: Viewing other users'tips

Some 80,000 user tips are registered every week in the Tip Coliseum and you can use Gold or points to view them via View Tips or Tournament Information.

Some 80,000 user tips are registered every week in the Tip Coliseum and you can use Gold or point to view them via View Tips or Tournament Information.

6: Nice tips

Press Nice Tip when you think someone's tip was excellent. You can press Nice Tip just once per tip. You can also consume some Gold and do a W-Nice!
You can also view a history of Nices from Nice Tip History inside My Coliseum.

7: Favorite Tipsters

You can register up to 50 Favorite Tipsters. Once registered, they appear on your racing card, timeline and updated information.

8: Tip selling mechanisms

When tips you have registered in the Tip Coliseum are purchased, the proceeds are returned.
If your tip is purchased with the on-site virtual currency Gold (G), proceeds are returned as Uma-Yen; the returned Uma-Yen can be converted into gold used on the Umanity site.
Note that when tips are sold in points (P) not in Gold (G), a maximum of 50% of the points sold is returned.

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