Privacy Policy

Enactment:September 4, 2008 UMANITY, Inc.

Umanity Inc. (hereafter the Company) handles personal information appropriately in accordance with laws and other related regulations on the protection of personal information, as well as takes appropriate measures for managing them safely.
As such, the Company operates Umanity (hereafter the Site), the Sankei Sports-approved site, under a privacy policy, as follows, based on the personal information protection policy.

[Definition of Personal Information]
Under our privacy policy, personal information means information by which a person can be identified or information unique to an individual user, such as email address, name, sex, where s/he is from, current address, telephone number.
[Use of Personal Information]
On the Site, we ask users to enter personal information when registering a user’s profile for membership registration and when applying for campaigns/presents and we record the information in a database.
However, the registered information is only used for the purpose of providing beneficial services to the member.
Also, the registered data is used specifically for the following purposes.
(1) Membership inquiry in order to provide our services
(2) Invoicing usage fees for the members using a fee-based services
(3) Notification necessary to the operation of the Site, such as updates/changes, running campaigns, gathering applicants for presents and announcing winners.
(4) Publicity, advertisements and/or sales solicitations by the Company and third parties. In addition, customization for ad distribution.
(5) Packing/shipping of campaign prizes and products.
(6) Dissemination of our mail magazine.
(7) Improving services and/or providing new services.
(8) Other purposes, such as contacting users when it is deemed that urgent contact is necessary.
[Management of Personal Information]
The database in which personal information of members of the Site is registered is managed by the in-house administrator of Umanity and/or business partners with contracts with Umanity, only after they have concluded our confidentiality agreement.
In the following cases, we may disclose user’s personal information to a third party.
(1) When necessary to share and/or disclose information to a business partner with whom we have concluded a confidentiality agreement for the purposes of maintaining/managing the system of the Site.
(2) When necessary to share and/or disclose information to a business partner with whom we have concluded a confidentiality agreement in order to consign the shipment of presents.
(3) When a member agrees to disclosure of his/her information.
(4) When a formal inquiry is made by the police or courts, etc., based on laws and regulations.
(5) Other, in serious situations that require urgency for the member, the Company or a third party.
[Use of Statistical Information]
The information of users who visit the Site may be used as statistical information from which personal information has been stripped.
However, it will not be used for any other purpose.
[Procedures for Deleting Personal Information or Terminating Use]
If a member himself asks us to delete his personal information, terminate use or cancel membership, we will handle the request after confirming the identity of the person.
[Recording of Access Logs]
We record access logs, which indicate who has accessed the Site. The access logs include information such as the domain name and IP address, type of browser used, accessed date and time, link source of who made the access, but these cannot specify an individual.
The access logs are utilized for maintenance and management of the Site, and/or for statistical analysis of the conditions of use thereof, but they will not be used for any other purpose.
[Protection of Personal Information at Linked Sites]
The Company cannot bear responsibility for securing the safety of personal information on websites that link from the Site.
[Inquiry about Our Policies]
If you have any questions about how we handle personal information, please use the inquiry form.
[Revisions of the Privacy Policy]
In the event there is an important change to our policy, we will provide notification via the Site. Please confirm the latest information about other changes as needed on the Site. Please understand that we shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for problems that arise from failure to confirm the information.