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When you join the VIP Club, you get access to the following benefits.(2023/09 now )

Services Explanation Recommend
Pro tipster MAX Half price for pro's tips You can purchase the best tips of professional tipsters for half the price for normal members.
Tip market Monthly present of points Present of 2,000P per month--points you can use to buy tips of users, such as of the No. 1 tipster. Note: Members who auto-renew by credit card only--points are awarded at renewal from the 2nd month on.
Half price for user's tips
  VIP Normal
KING 160G 320G
G1 80G 160G
G2 70G 140G
G3 60G 120G
OPEN 50G 100G
Allow1 40G 80G
Allow2 30G 60G
Allow3 20G 40G
New,Maiden 10G 20G
Double point compensation When your tips are purchased on the tip market, your compensation in points is doubled.
Race Info Realtime odds
Real-time odds, as provided by JRA-VAN
Horse weight info
Fluctuations of horse weights, as provided by JRA-VAN  
Stable Info by Horseracing 8(Note1)(Note2)
Sorry,in Japanese only.  
Last race Info by Gallop(note2)
Sorry,in Japanese only.  
Interview,Memo by Gallop(note2)
Sorry,in Japanese only.  
Original Speed figure by umanity
Track Work Info(note3)
Training data (including ratings), as provided by Horseracing 8.
Tip Coliseum Analysis of your own tips View analysis data(sample
View and use the Tip Coliseum Log(sample  
My Page Storage period Messages can be saved indefinitely (normally 60 days)  
Watch horse You can register up to 100 horses in your Horses Watch List(Normally just 10 horses)  
others Betting log
Allows you to save all of your betting history with our betting ticket management function, Betting log. (normally can save the past 3 months)  
Umanity PAT Odds and payouts (expected) are displayed in real time on our horse race betting support tool, Umanity PAT (U-PAT).
No advertisements You can use it without displaying advertisements※. (※Google AdSense advertisements)  

*The database and racing information on JRA races go back to 1995.

*Data and racing information on NAR races go back to 1998.

Note 1: Provided for all races held by JRA East and West ; for other meets, only for special races, and for Hokkaido races, only for the main races.
Note 2: Includes races run since May 26, 2007.
Note 3: Provided only for main races held in Hokkaido.


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