Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Notes based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Company name UMANITY, Inc.
Managing Director Tetsuya Jibiki
Address 1-24-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to,Japan
Telephone *Please use the Inquirymail for questions and requests.
Sitename Umanity
Item Price (1)Monthly set fee
・「Umanity VIP club」monthly fee 934yen(without tax)

▼Item name ▼ Price ▼Number of Gold
・「Gold 463」 500(tax in)(463G)(※)
・「Gold 500」 540(tax in)(500G)
・「Gold 926」 1,000(tax in)(926G)(※)
・「Gold 1000」 1,080(tax in)(1000G)
・「Gold 1852」 2,000(tax in)(1852G)(※)
・「Gold 2000」 2,160(tax in)(2000G)
・「Gold 2778」 3,000(tax in)(2778G)(※)
・「Gold 3000」 3,240(tax in)(3000G)
・「Gold 4630」 5,000(tax in)(4630G)(※)
・「Gold 5000」 5,400(tax in)(5000G)
・「Gold 9260」 10,000(tax in)(9260G)(※)
・「Gold10000」 10,800(tax in)(10000G)
・「Gold20000」 21,600(tax in)(20000G)
・「Gold30000」 32,400(tax in)(30000G)
・「Gold50000」 54,000(tax in)(50000G)
(*)Certain products are only sold together with docomo Mobile Payment, au EZ FeliCa, Softbank Pay Together or electronic money payment.

・Prices for product such as digital content is indicated for each product
Pay method Internet orders (available 24-7)
Other applicable charges none in particular
*Shipping and/or handling charges apply for some U-Store products. Charges are specified by the vendor.
Pay method 1.Credit card
2. docomo Mobile
3.Internet provider service
5.Electronic money
6.Cash on delivery
7.Bank transfer EZ FeliCa
9.Softbank payment
Delivery time Can be used as soon as payment clears.
*Delivery times for products from U-Store are specified by the product vendor.
Return&Cancelation Not allowed due to product characteristics
*However, if a product from U-Store is defective, it can be returned.