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Yutaka Take Claims His Second Champion Title in This Year’s World All-Star Jockeys
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Yutaka Take captured his much-awaited second champion title this year since claiming the 1992 World Super Jockeys Series. Scoring a win in the 1st leg with sixth pick Meisho Tsutsuji, Take finished third in the 2nd leg with fourth favorite Asake Lady to come on top at the end of Day One. Though his horse was excluded from racing in the 3rd leg, his runner-up effort with second choice Kafuji Azul in the 4th leg brought him back to the top with 71 points.

Yutaka Take: “I’m glad that we were able to hold the series this year and that foreign jockeys were able to join us under difficult circumstances. It was very rewarding to be able to compete with everyone and I was able to spend a very fulfilling two days. I’m really happy that I was able to ride on good horses and claim the title this year as I have been coming in second many times since claiming the title years ago. We JRA jockeys always try hard to be able to take part in this event every year and I hope I’ll be able to compete again next year.”

Twelve points behind in second with 59 points was Yuga Kawada who marked a win, a third, a fourth and a ninth.

Yuga Kawada: “I’m just grateful that the series has returned after being cancelled for a couple of years, and I enjoyed competing in this atmosphere once again with my fellow jockeys. I’m also glad to have done well personally but “the legend” was, as always, very hard to beat. After another week of summer racing, the autumn racing scene featuring top-notch races will begin and we hope to do our best and contribute to another exciting season.”

Kohei Matsuyama who marked a seventh and a second on the first day came on top after winning the 3rd leg but succumbed to third, only one point behind Kawada, after finishing ninth in the 4th leg.

Kohei Matsuyama: “I have to admit I was hoping to win the overall title when I stood at the top after winning the 3rd leg, but it’s a shame it didn’t work out that way. I’m thankful to the horses—they all fought hard. After wrapping up a hot summer campaign in a week, I hope we can deliver to the fans an exciting fall season of racing.”

Theo Bachelot who was tied sixth at the end of Day One, finishing ninth and fourth in the first two races, improved to fourth place by winning the 4th leg with eighth pick Eingebung.

Team JRA claimed the team competition with a comfortable 284 points to claim its sixth consecutive title while Team WAS collected 174 points.

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