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For beginners Clever racing tip recommendations

No. 1 How are the racing tips of professional handicappers different from others?!

The racing tips of professional handicappers have a winning record in this competitive, head-to-head world, where wins/losses against predictions are completely transparent.

We don’t just use symbols like ◎◯▲△× for predictions; the combinations are also published so you can understand the payout; thus they can’t pass as professional handicappers if they’re good at predicting, but bad at their own betting. The betting tips, both the predictions and the betting tickets, are made by professional handicappers.

No. 2 What points should I use in choosing professional handicappers?

The results from the racing tips of our professional handicappers are also published, including their hit ratio, profit ratio, average payout, average number of combinations.

If you’re the type who wants to hit regularly on races like quinellas or quinella places, we recommend a handicapper who has a high hit rate, even if their average payout is low.
If you’re the type who wants to hit a home run with one bet on a trifecta, then we recommend a handicapper with a high average payout, even if their hit ratio is somewhat on the low side.

No. 3 How do you buy the racing tips of a professional handicapper?!

On the day of a race, one handicapper after another posts his/her racing tips.
Check out our Introduction to Handicappers page as every handicapper has a different handicapping style and timing for posting their tips.

Racing tips can be purchased using Umanity’s own virtual currency, Gold.
You can purchase Gold in pre-paid units of 500 yen (=500G)?a virtual currency for use on our site?via different payment methods, such as credit card, net bank, docomo cell-phone payment, etc.

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