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What are Umanity JOBs?
As the name suggests, these are jobs or assignments within Umanity.
Currently the following types of jobs exist.

1. Approved professional tipster...the tips on Pro Tips MAX of people approved by Umanity as a professional tipster can be sold.
2. Approved column writer...articles by people approved by Umanity as a column writer can be posted in the racing information column.
3. Great East Japan Earthquake volunteer...people who work with Umanity in fund-raising to help with the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

What is a Umanity Supporter Members Card?

This is a members card which shows the supporter ranking, which is conferred by the user's community activity (support level). If your supporter level reaches a certain level, you are issued a Supporter Members Card, complete with your serial number. The color and design of your member's card change, as follows, according to your supporter ranking.