You can Become a VIP Club Member Too!

The VIP Club is accepting new members to its existing stable of professional tipsters and charismatic,
winning tipsters from the Tip Coliseum.
When you join the VIP Club,
you get access to special information and exclusive privileges that can help bring you victory too.
And joining the VIP club allows you to join the winners!

At just 934 yen (plus tax),
you get all kinds of benefits for less than 120 yen per race-day,
assuming that races are held 8 days (4 weeks) per month.
For more information on the benefits, click here.

  • You can buy the tips of both professional tipsters and the charismatic tipsters of the Tip Coliseum for half price.
    For example, if a Confident Tip from a professional tipster costs a normal member 400G (equivalent to 400 yen), then it is 200G, or half price, to VIP members--that means if you buy 5 tips or more a month, then you make out by becoming a VIP member.

  • You can get race-day information for all JRA-held races in real time, such as the odds on all types of bets, fluctuations in horse weights, changes in jockey, etc.
    What’s more, if you use Umanity PAT (U-PAT), you can check the odds for betting combinations point by point, even for trifectas.

  • Umanity's U-index, which we developed in-house, allows you to get an accurate picture of a horse's performance, so we recommend it as a tool for improving your precision in predicting races.
    Your accuracy bumps up even more when you mind the gap in the index between the 1st and 2nd places.
    When the index gap is 4.0 or greater, the winning percentage is 52% and placing or better is 82%

There are even more benefits awaiting you. For more information, see here.


Allow us to introduce some of new VIP Club members.

new sire Male Closed
HiroBu Male
f1ebda8dd1 Male Closed
276dfd1f23 Male Closed
d47f380996 Male Closed
04444b2eec Male 競馬って難しい…。と、最近痛感してます。 でも、競馬はやめられません(苦笑)。
M.P Female WINS横浜で初馬券購入→ ビギナーズラックで馬券的中→ 競馬以外の趣味を考えられなくなる→ 中央だけで...
ginoh7 Male 銀王の由来は「銀と金」から。 競馬・マンガ・ギャンブル好き。 ギャンブルとは未来予測に賭ける行為...
fuutakun Male
a728205400 Male