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Blizzard, the lone contender from Hong Kong for this year’s Grade 1 Sprinters Stakes, arrived safely at Narita International Airport in Chiba Prefecture early Tuesday morning. The Poon-fai Yiu-trained, 6-year-old gelding was then transported to the quarantine facilities at the JRA Horseracing School Quarantine Center, where he arrived at 9:40 a.m., completing about a 10-hour journey from his base at Sha Tin.

“Upon arrival, he looks more relaxed than he does back home,” said assistant trainer Ho Yin Wong. “I have been instructed by the trainer to focus on letting the horse relax. We do not plan to do any fast work here at the JRA Horseracing School.”

Blizzard will look to become the first Hong Kong trained horse to win the Sprinters Stakes since Ultra Fantasy won in 2010. The last Hong Kong challenger of the race, Rich Tapestry, finished sixth in 2015.

The Sprinters Stakes will be run on Sunday, October 1 at Nakayama Racecourse, with a scheduled post time of 15:40 local time.

Japan duo takes home Korea Cup & Sprint titles12 Sep 11:48 am

Japan-trained London Town and Graceful Leap completed a double of the two Korean Grade 1 races – the Keeneland Korea Cup and Keeneland Korea Sprint – held on Sunday at Seoul Racecourse.

Graceful Leap put Japan on the board first, with Yutaka Take guiding the 7-year-old horse to victory in the 1,200-meter Korea Sprint. Trained by Shinsuke Hashiguchi, Graceful Leap jumped out of the gates well and travelled behind America’s Perdido Pomeroy setting the early pace. Graceful Leap caught Perdido Pomeroy with 300 meters left and never relinquished the lead, winning with a race time of 1:10.7 and finishing 1-3/4 lengths in front of local runner Power Blade. America-trained Doraonpogyeonseon finished another two lengths behind for third.

Graceful Leap, which had finished fifth in his previous race, the Summer Champion, in mid-August, was a 14-1 shot for the race in the Korean market. Take proved his doubters wrong, winning his debut ride Korea.

“The horse was in good condition and getting a great jump was huge – it was an ideal race for him,” Take said. “He hung on well until the end. We had a great crowd and I felt the excitement of the Korea racing fans close by. I’m thrilled to be able to win my first race riding in such atmosphere.”

London Town, the second favorite and ridden by Japan’s Yasunari Iwata, went wire-to-wire to win the Korea Cup, with compatriot and last year’s champion Chrysolite, ridden by Take, finishing four lengths behind in second. The Japanese duo dominated the 11-horse field, with America-trained Papa Shot finishing 17 lengths behind Chrysolite for third.

London Town, a 4-year-old horse by Kane Hekili trained by Kazuya Makita, was fresh off of a record-time win of the Grade 3 Elm Stakes at Sapporo Racecourse in August. He also set the course record in Korea, winning the 1,800-meter Korea Cup in 1:50.7.

Similar to Take, it was also the first ride in Korea for Iwata, who has won major races globally, including Australia, Hong Kong and USA.

"I had the outer barrier draw, so I was thinking of travelling behind Chrysolite. But I got a great jump, so I let him take the lead," Iwata said. "He travelled with a steady pace, so I was able to win rather comfortably. The grandstand and screen at Seoul Racecourse are huge and I enjoyed riding in the enthusiastic atmosphere of the Korea racing fans."

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Satono Diamond, Satono Noblesse finish 4th, 6th in11 Sep 5:25 pm

Japan’s Satono Diamond and Satono Noblesse finished fourth and sixth, respectively, in the Prix Foy (G2) held at Chantilly Racecourse in France on September 10.

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Eurico Da Silva Claims the Fourth Leg to Grab the 31 Aug 1:18 pm

Eurico Da Silva from Canada skillfully guided fourth-pick Le Grand Frisson to a close but awesome nose victory in the fourth leg to claim the champion title with 47 points. Finishing Day One in seventh by accumulating 16 points from a tenth and a third in the first two legs, he was tied ninth with Mirco Demuro, still 27 points behind Keita Tosaki and Yuichi Fukunaga after finishing 11th in the third leg. Da Silva’s first JRA win in the fourth leg brought him on top with a margin of only two points between Keita Tosaki and Yuichi Fukunaga—tied second—who added one point each by finishing 11th and 13th, respectively, in the last leg. 2015 Champion Joao Moreira, though advancing from 10th at the end of Day One to third after the third leg, retreated to fourth, while defending champion Mirco Demuro was 13th overall.

“I’m out of words—I’m so happy. It took a lot of work to be here. I’m 42 and this came late in my career so I’m just happy to be here with the talented jockeys. It’s a dream come true. I’m also grateful to the Japanese people and the JRA for how they have treated me but most of all, I’m grateful to the fans. They have so much passion and are so excited about the races. My next goal is to go back to Canada and claim the jockey championship for the fifth time”, commented Eurico Da Silva on his overall victory of the series.

Meanwhile, Team JRA, who was ahead by 48 points after Day One, was able to fend off the strong charge by Team WAS to claim the team title for three consecutive years with a margin of 28 points.

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Joao Moreira receives short-term JRA Jockey's Lice18 Aug 11:41 am

The Japan Racing Association (JRA) announced that a short-term riding jockey's license will be issued to Hong Kong-based Brazilian jockey, Joao Moreira.

This short-term riding license is effective from August 17 to 22, 2017.

Moreira, 33, will be primarily riding for owner, Kazuko Yoshida, and Moreira's host trainer, Noriyuki Hori of JRA Miho Training Center.

Moreira has a combined record of 26 wins from 89 rides in JRA races. He also rode under a short-term JRA license last August.

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Last week Results

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1 km km
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23 Sep Hanshin10R
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3 South South
23 Sep Hanshin10R
6,590 105,440
4 Saramappo Saramappo
24 Sep Nakayama3R
1,280 51,200
5 Sugadai Sugadai
24 Sep Hanshin11R
460 33,420

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Rank Tipster No.of
1 Okabe Okabe
8R 166% 87% 29,900 10,700
28R 155% 39% 143,390 36,435
3 K.Nishino K.Nishino
45R 145% 28% 77,220 19,032
4 ibukimasaya ibukimasaya
6R 129% 50% 17,800 25,933
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27R 128% 44% 78,070 29,005
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48R 122% 60% 65,280 12,320
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46R 116% 52% 29,960 8,685
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 Tournament Info:Tournament 133 is currently being held!(9 Sep - 1 Oct)

Tournament 133 Latest result

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Deviation Return
99328407BNW 99328407BNW
89.7 1932%
kotoch kotoch
82.9 1679%
3708ec5821 3708ec5821
80.8 323%
marumaru marumaru
79.3 465%
1bd3a337e0 1bd3a337e0
78.4 594%

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What do I have to do to register as a member?

Registering is simple--all it takes is an email address.
Once you register your email address, follow the instructions and you'll be registered as a member in 1 to 2 minutes flat! You can also register as a member via an account, such as your Yahoo! JAPAN ID.

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No, some functions (such as news) can be used without registering.
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[Free Functions Available to Umanity Members]
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There are both free tips and those you pay for.
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It is an index developed exclusively by Umanity to indicate the performance of a racehorse.
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