If you want to purchase "Gold" immediately, please select the method of payment.

Description of Services

Service name Price Number of Gold Bonus ticket[?]
Gold500 540JPY(tax in) 500G none
Gold1000 1,080JPY(tax in) 1,000G none
Gold2000 2,160JPY(tax in) 2,000G none
Gold3000 3,240(tax in) 3,000G none
Gold5000 5,400JPY(tax in) 5,000G 10
Gold10000 10,800JPY(tax in) 10,000G 20
Gold20000 21,600JPY(tax in) 20,000G 40
Gold30000 32,400JPY(tax in) 30,000G 60
Gold50000 54,000JPY(tax in) 50,000G 100

*The products sold vary with the method of payment.

*Bonus tickets are a perk that can be used in things like slot games where you can win Dream Cards (pro tip tickets),
which can be used with Pro Tips MAX. For details, click here


  • Gold expires one year after your last date of purchase.
  • Bonus Tickets expire 180 days after the last date you acquire them.

Important Points *Be sure to read before purchasing.

  • Gold can be used immediately after clearance of payment, so they cannot be canceled after they are purchased.
  • There are no refunds for Gold.
  • If you quit your Umanity (free enrollment) membership, any remaining Gold is lost.

Purchase of Gold

Payment Methods

  • Choose your desired payment method below to purchase Gold.
    *The Gold payment credit limit varies with the method of payment.

 Payment by Credit card

You may pay by VISA、MasterCard、JCB

  • Gold500/540JPY(tax in)  
  • Gold1000/1,080JPY(tax in)  
  • Gold2000/2,160JPY(tax in)  
  • Gold3000/3,240JPY(tax in)  
  • Gold5000/5,400JPY(tax in)  
  • Gold10000/10,800JPY(tax in)  
  • Gold20000/21,600JPY(tax in)  
  • Gold30000/32,400JPY(tax in)  
  • Gold50000/54,000JPY(tax in)