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Yutaro Nonaka

Jockey NameYutaro Nonaka[Active] BelongEAST Career6
Age[sex]23[male] Belonging trainerY.Nemoto Lifitime rides2,787
Date of birth29Dec1996 License sortingFlat race/Steeplechase Lifetime wins66
mark stands for sevice of VIP member
Overview Records Grade win Year Fav Condition Venue Distance Trainer BBC

Flat race

Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Below Total Win ratio Top2 ratio Top3 ratio GI win Grade win Ranking
2020 11202422224105090.0220.0610.10800----
2019 25443142515317250.0340.0950.13800----
2018 241114222002530.0080.0240.06700----
2017 13192923334856020.0220.0530.10100----
2016 11141624183904730.0230.0530.08700----
2015 445392012270.0180.0350.05700----


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