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2acb0d67b4's Uma friend list

This is a list of people you like, your Uma-Friends.
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  904348753f 904348753f
Supporter point:0.9 UMAnity
   Tomosuke Tomosuke
Supporter point:1107.3 UMAX
  bba242c4e7 bba242c4e7
Supporter point:0.8 UMAnity
   d7dd41a542 d7dd41a542
Supporter point:5.5 UMAnity
  a52509ef01 a52509ef01
Supporter point:4.0 UMAnity
   yuukisensei yuukisensei
Supporter point:287.2 UMAX
  178063098e 178063098e
Supporter point:11.5 UMAX
   AILove AILove
Supporter point:3.3 UMAnity
  maakunibf maakunibf
Supporter point:15.7 UMAX
   rosso rosso
Supporter point:0.4 UMAnity
  7f9cfb5a05 7f9cfb5a05
Supporter point:2.3 UMAnity
   8146554a01 8146554a01
Supporter point:3.0 UMAnity
  MacaroniStandards MacaroniStandards
Supporter point:1.8 UMAnity
   goshawk goshawk
Supporter point:374.1 UMAX
  bdwt bdwt
Supporter point:423.9 UMAX
   9d67be6aee 9d67be6aee
Supporter point:7.9 UMAnity
Supporter point:8.2 UMAnity
   3200000001 3200000001
Supporter point:93.7 UMAX
 1-18 of 18