Race info

#I want to make settings for Umanity PAT.
If you are an IPAT member, you can use Umanity PAT (U-PAT) and easily purchase race tickets on-site.

(1) Prior to using Umanity PAT, set up an INET-ID. Press the Change Settings button on your My Page.. Then press Change Basic Settings.

(2) Make the settings above and display the page with the racing card of the race you wish to purchase during the race ticket sales period. If you then click Buy on U-PAT there, you can buy a betting ticket.

(3) Enter your INET-ID and press the Change Settings button. (Once you have made the settings, you don't need to make settings from the next time on.)

(4) Next, select the type of bet and each-way or wheel settings, if desired, for the betting ticket you wish to purchase, check the horse number(s) and set your price.

(5) Once you press Set or Expand Set on the set betting ticket, the betting combinations list appears below it.

(6) Check the content and then when you press the Buy Ticket button, it opens the JRA-IPAT site. Check the content and buy the ticket.