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murakichi  キングキングキング  (Total Rank:1, Tounament Rank:61)
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村吉(むらきち) です

☆☆☆ 絡みの無い方からのウマフレ申請は、お断りしてます☆☆☆

Twitter  https://twitter.com/murakichin

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Date No.of Races Hit Rate Return Rate Betting Payout Winnings
15 May 36/36R 8% 47% 21,600JPY 10,260JPY -11,340JPY
16 May 36/36R 8% 28% 21,600JPY 6,180JPY -15,420JPY

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15 May | 16 May

=Open(Free) to Uma friend =Open(Free) to person who add you to watch list
=Open(Free) to Uma friend and person who add you to watch list =Open(Free) to all
=Sell by Gold