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JAPAN DERBY 2017 - Rey de Oro Tactfully Defeats Strong Field of 3-Y-Os in This Year's Tokyo Yushun 

Second favorite Rey de Oro partnered with Christophe Lemaire bested his three-year-old opponents in the Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) to revenge his fifth-place finish in the Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas) and to capture his first G1 and second graded victory. The son of King Kamehameha debuted in October last year and won his first three starts including his first graded win in the year-end G2 Hopeful Stakes. This marked trainer Kazuo Fujisawa's 26th JRA-G1 victory following last week's Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) title with Soul Stirring and his first classic title for colts. He is the fifth trainer—first in 13 years—to win both the Oaks and Derby in the same year. For jockey Christophe Lemaire, this win marked an impressive three-week G1 winning streak, which includes the Victoria Mile with Admire Lead and Yushun Himba with Soul Stirring. He is the second jockey since Olivier Peslier in 2001 to do so. This was his first Derby win and 13th G1 victory. He is also the fifth jockey—first in 42 years—to win both the Oaks and the Derby in the same year.

Rey de Oro settled toward the rear, around fifth from last, while My Style took the front to set a slow pace. Traveling wide through the first two corners, jockey Christophe Lemaire urged his mount to make an early bid and the King Kamehameha colt responded willingly to forge its way toward the front along the backstretch. Rey de Oro tagged behind the frontrunner in second around the last two corners, nailed the front before the 200-meter pole and fended off the strong challenge by Suave Richard to claim his first G1 victory.

“We had no specific tactic, but we were forced to travel toward the rear after a slow start and the pace was slow, so I decided to move forward in the backstretch. He was very relaxed and was responding well in the homestretch so I knew we will win in the last 100 meters. I'm really happy to be able to win both the French and Japanese Derby,” commented Lemaire.

Third choice Suave Richard remained in good striking position, around seventh from the front by the rails, stirred to the outside after entering the homestretch and pursued Rey de Oro with his powerful late kick for a 3/4-length runner-up effort.

Odds on favorite Admirable, breaking from the outermost stall, traveled wide around second from the rear and though briefly checked at the top of the stretch, dislodged an impressive turn of speed that marked the fastest over the last three furlongs to reach the wire 1-1/4 lengths behind the runner-up.

Other Horses:
4th: (3) My Style―set slow pace, led until 200m marker, sustained bid, outrun in last 100m
5th: (7) Al Ain―chased leaders in 3rd or 4th, checked at top of stretch, showed effort thereafter
6th: (1) Danburite―took economic trip in 3rd or 4th, quickened after 300m marker
7th: (11) Persian Knight―raced 3-wide in mid-pack, ran willingly outside winner, weakened in last 200m
8th: (8) Trust―stalked leader in 2nd, sustained bid until 100m, outrun thereafter
9th: (10) Best Approach―traveled 3-wide in mid-group, showed effort but never a threat
10th: (6) Satono Arthur―settled in mid-pack, gradually fell back, showed belated charge
11th: (13) Cadenas―sat in rear group, turned wide, responded well at outer stretch but belated
12th: (16) Kyohei―trailed in rear, accelerated in last 300m, was too late
13th: (5) Clincher―positioned around 6th, never fired at stretch
14th: (15) Daiwa Cagney―ran 3-wide around 5th, failed to respond at stretch
15th: (17) Win Bright―raced 4-wide in mid-division, checked at early stretch, lacked needed kick
16th: (9) Meiner Sphene―traveled in mid-pack, unable to reach contention
17th: (2) America's Cup―hugged rails in mid-group, showed little at stretch
18th: (14) Jo Strictly―rated along rails in rear division, no factor throughout

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JAPAN DERBY 2017 - Comments from runners' connections 

Hidetaka Otonashi, trainer
“He has had three races in fairly quick succession, and while it could be said that that’s asking too much of him, he’s made the adjustment each time and won his races. Coming into this race, everything’s been fine with him and as I’ve expected, with the jockey working him well. I think the horse is able to put in a good showing in any kind of race, and all being well, he’ll get a good start from the gate.”

Mirco Demuro, jockey
“There is no change with him since his last race, and I’ve come to understand the horse well, which is good. Of course, it’s a tough race, but I’m looking forward to what he can do here.”

Al Ain
Yasutoshi Ikee, trainer
“He has come on nicely since his last race, where he had to work pretty hard for the win. His footwork’s good, and he’s showing similar qualities to Orfevre before he ran in the Derby. Al Ain has run well so far, and regarding the 2,400 meters, I don’t think he needs to be pushed too hard, but I’d rather he just take up a good position and see what he can do, ridden to his full potential.”

Kohei Matsuyama, jockey
“I think the horse is in top condition, and stronger than he was for the Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas). He’s a horse that always tries, and I get the feeling riding him, the distance won’t be a problem. He’s been relaxed in training, and that’s how I’d like to see him on the day. The Derby’s different from other races and it’s everybody’s goal. Fine weather would be good, and looking at last week’s racing, the inside is good, but I’ll decide things on the day.”

America's Cup
Hidetaka Otonashi, trainer
“Before the Satsuki Sho and the transportation to the track, his weight was 454kg, and that’s about what I’d like to see this time too. The horse needs to run with a good action, as when he takes the bit he goes well, and the key over the 2,400 meters will be for him to run smoothly.”

Fuma Matsuwaka, jockey
“He is relaxed and in good shape after his last race. I want to ride him in the best way possible to get a result.”

Best Approach
Nobuyuki Tashiro, assistant trainer
“All has gone as expected with him in training. In his last two races, ability-wise, there hasn’t been much difference between him and the winner, and the last race was over the Derby distance, so I think we can take a lot from that. He can be a little unruly in the paddock, but when he gets to the race, he’s fine. I want him to show his best in the big race.”

Hideaki Fujiwara, trainer
“To some extent, the interval since his last run is short, so options have been limited, but he’s trained well, and hopefully he’ll give his best effort.”

Kazuya Nakatake, trainer
“This is the big target for him. We’ve had him training on the woodchip course with this race in mind, and over longer distances. I’ve been satisfied with him in training, and his movement’s good. I think last time was just unfortunate, but I want him to show the potential he has here, as he did in the Yayoi Sho.”

Koichi Shirakura, assistant trainer
“He has had experience at Tokyo, and I think the distance is fine. He has done well leading up to the race, so I want him to show his true strength and ability here.”

Hiroshi Miyamoto, trainer
“He has been training well on the woodchip course, his movement’s been good, and we’ve been concentrating on his finish. He disappointed on his debut and we don’t know why, but he has run well over 2,200 meters to prove his stamina. He is a horse that can get to the front and keep going, if things go in his favor.”

Daiwa Cagney
Takanori Kikuzawa, trainer
“He has recovered quickly from his last race. There is no tiredness about him, and we’ve just kept him ticking over to keep his condition. I think he’ll be fine with the 2,400 meters, and I have a slight worry about the start in front of the stands, but if he gets to run his best race, I’m looking forward to what he can do.”

Hiroshi Kitamura, jockey
“He is a horse that always tries, and while he’s a bit highly strung, once out of the gate, he gets on with the race itself. I’d like a smooth run throughout the race, conserving him for the long home straight.”

Hidetaka Otonashi, trainer
“He has posted a couple of fast runs in training, so in his last workout this week, he took it easy. He can get a little tense before the race, but it’s something to be expected, and in his races he’s shown how well he can do. He has further to race this time, but his bloodlines say it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll leave things down to the jockey, Yutaka Take.”

Yutaka Take, jockey
“He was a bit unlucky last time. He shouldn’t have a problem finding his rhythm, and adjusting to the distance looks fine for him. I’d like an inside draw.”

Jo Strictly
Hisashi Shimizu, trainer
“He has trained well with a horse in front, and him finishing on the outside, and his movement’s been good, so I have no complaints in the lead up to the race. It’s 2,400 meters this time, and while I think he can adjust to this, because he hasn’t done it before, there’s no telling what he might do. I’m not worried about the other horses, I just want my horse to run well in the condition we’ve got him in.”

Hiroshi Miyamoto, trainer
“He has been doing steady work on the woodchip course, with the 2,400 meter distance in mind. Looking at his last race, going further might be better for him. On his breeding, the distance shouldn’t be too much of a worry. The key is really for him to have a smooth race, and if the ground comes up soft, he can handle that perhaps a lot better than some of the other runners.”

Meiner Sphene
Takahisa Tezuka, trainer
“The week before, he did his hard work, so this week he’s done light training, which I think is sufficient. I think he’ll come on for his last race, and while I’m not worried about the distance or the track, we’ll have to see just what he can do against his strong opponents here.”

My Style
Mitsugu Kon, trainer
“The jockey (Norihiro Yokoyama) rode him recently, and put him through his paces on the woodchip course, with this race in mind. The horse is developing, as many of the 3-year-olds now are, and after the experience of his last race, with the adjustments in training, hopefully he’ll be able to put in a better race by being in a more forward position.”

Persian Knight
Yasutoshi Ikee, trainer
“He has taken some time to recover from his last run, and he’s not the type to suddenly come good. He now looks to be in good shape, looks better in his coat, and I’m pleased with his condition, by getting him back to where I want him to be. I think the distance will be fine, according to his breeding. I think it’s OK to start slow in the Derby, and race further back or midfield, which is his style of racing.”

Rey de Oro
Kazuo Fujisawa, trainer
“I was successful last week in the Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks), so I’d like to win this time too. Even on his debut at Tokyo, this colt ran well, and I’ve been careful with him, turning him into a good 3-year-old, hopefully. He might have been just a little heavy for the Satsuki Sho, but he still ran on well to finish fifth. It’s better if he gets a good start. He has a lighter feel to him now, and he’s relaxed.”

Christophe Lemaire, jockey
“Since his debut, he’s shown plenty of ability, and we saw that when he won the Hopeful Stakes, showing a good turn of foot. Over 2,400 meters, I think he can demonstrate that again. He is a horse that can certainly run, and I have confidence in him in the Derby. He can start slowly, so I need to be careful about that.”

Satono Arthur
Yasutoshi Ikee, trainer
“He is a horse with a lot of ability, and I now think he’s developed well for this particular time in his career. He will have no problem after going a short while without a race. Of course, it’s his first time to tackle 2,400 meters, but I think the Tokyo course will suit him, and he’ll be all right with the transportation to the track. I’m looking forward to it, and I really hope the owner (Mr. Hajime Satomi) can win the Derby.”

Yuga Kawada, jockey
“He has improved in training, and in getting him this far without any problem, all looks to be good.”

Suave Richard
Yasushi Shono, trainer
“He has come back to himself quickly after the Satsuki Sho, and his legs and back are fine after just a couple of weeks since that last run. His times in training have been good, and he’s moving well. I think switching back to Tokyo, the wide course, and also going left-handed, are big pluses for him. Given these factors, he can do well here.”

Hirofumi Shii, jockey
“He is a strong horse, and the type to improve race by race. He hasn’t won since the Kyodo News Service Hai, but that was a good win, and although we won’t know about the extra distance this time until we try, the plan is to run with a good rhythm to the final corner, and then get him to finish strongly down the home straight.”

Hiroshi Nakamura, trainer
“He is a horse that doesn’t give up easily. His training’s been fine in the short interval since his last run, and his appetite remains good. In the Satsuki Sho, he had to go forward from a wide gate, but thinking of this, the longer trip could be better for a horse that likes to get to the front and try and stay there.”

Win Bright
Yoshihiro Hatakeyama
“He recovered well from his last race, and quickly got back to 470kg, and that made it good to prepare him for this race, and everything’s gone well in that respect. It will be his first time at the distance, so ideally he can produce a run where he can conserve his stamina. I think the draw and the ground will also play a part.”

Masami Matsuoka, jockey
“He is in good condition after getting rid of some stiffness. Last time he started slowly and didn’t handle the ground so well, so a tighter run this time would be good.”

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JAPAN DERBY 2017 - Preview 

After an exciting Oaks win last Sunday for the Frankel filly, Soul Stirring, attention turns to the colts this week, when Tokyo Racecourse stages one of the greatest races on the Japanese racing calendar, namely the Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby), on Sunday, May 28. Nineteen 3-year-old colts have been nominated for the 84th running of the race, to be run over 2,400 meters on the turf track at Tokyo Racecourse, just outside of central Tokyo.

A race that was first run in 1932 at the Meguro Racecourse, some of Japan's greatest thoroughbreds have left their mark on the race, including seven Triple Crown winners, the latest of which was Orfevre in 2011. There are no fillies nominated this year, so it's all down to the boys, and Al Ain will be bidding to become the 24th horse to go on and win the Derby after securing the first leg of the Triple Crown, the Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas).

Lead up races to this year's Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) have included the Grade 1 Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas), Grade 2 TV Tokyo Hai Aoba Sho, Grade 1 NHK Mile Cup, Grade 2 Kyoto Shimbun Hai, and the open class Principal Stakes. The first two of those races were held in April, while the latter three were held earlier this month. Automatic entry to the Derby is given to the first four home in the Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas), the first two past the post in the Aoba Sho, and the winner of the Principal Stakes. As things have turned out, the first six horses from the Satsuki Sho will take each other on – or at least have been nominated – for the Derby.

First favorites have won four times in the last 10 years, and the last to do so was Duramente in 2015, who also set a new record for the race that year, winning in a time of 2 minutes, 23.2 seconds. Deep Impact sired colts have won three times in the last decade, proving that the 2005 Derby winner is still influencing the way things have been more recently. The total purse this year is a hefty \432 million, with \200 million going to the winner. The Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) will be Race 10 on the card on Sunday, with a post time of 15:40 local time.

Here's a look at some of the runners the huge crowd on Sunday will be cheering on:

Al Ain: The colt by Deep Impact provided jockey Kohei Matsuyama with his first Grade 1 victory in the Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas), and is one of a strong hand that trainer Yasutoshi Ikee fields for the race. Of the colt, he said, “A little while ago, his times were not so quick, but his responses were good, as well as the way he moved. The intention is to get him posting faster times in the lead up to the race. While he's showed a lot of class in what he's done so far, the key will really be seeing out the 2,400 meters.” Once again, the 27-year-old Matsuyama, who has ridden in the Derby three times, is scheduled to get the ride.

Persian Knight: The Harbinger colt has never been unplaced in six starts, and he has three wins to his name. He made up good ground late in the Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas), his last run, to finish second. With a lot of activity in jockeys securing rides, it looks as if Keita Tosaki will ride him this time. The horse is another from Yasutoshi Ikee's yard, and the trainer said, “He's taken a bit of time to come back to himself, and hopefully he'll be in good shape by the time of the race. Pedigree wise, I see no problem with the 2,400 meters.”

Satono Arthur: Another Deep Impact colt that cost owner Hajime Satomi a near king's ransom, the horse has already started to repay some of his heady purchase fee. He is two wins and two seconds from four starts, and he finished second to Al Ain in the Grade 3 Mainichi Hai over 1,800 meters at Hanshin in March, his latest run. A stablemate of Al Ain and Persian Knight, the trainer stated recently: “He looked a little lackluster a while ago and dull in his coat, but as we get nearer to the race, he's looking better. It'll be his first time over 2,400 meters, but I think the long straight will suit him.”

Admirable: This well bred colt by Deep Impact out of the Symboli Kris S mare, Scarlet, is seemingly on the up, and has three wins from four starts, with two of those wins coming over 2,400 meters. He won the Grade 2 TV Tokyo Hai Aoba Sho most recently, winning by 2 1/2 lengths, while being sent off as the overwhelming favorite at 1.5-1. Jockey Mirco Demuro teams up with Ritto-based trainer Hidetaka Otonashi, and the trainer said, “The horse has raced three times recently with three week intervals in between, but he adjusts every time and just keeps getting better with each race. He started slowly last time in the Aoba Sho, and I was worried, but from the third corner he started to gain momentum and finished off so well to win the race.”

Danburite: Also hailing from the stable of Hidetaka Otonashi, the colt by Rulership has been just a little unlucky, considering his three third-place finishes that accompany his one win and one second from six career starts. Derby winners come as second nature to jockey Yutaka Take, and now in the 30th year of his career, will he make it another great win aboard Danburite? The trainer stated: “He was a bit unlucky last time, taking a slight bump on the final bend, and the eventual winner getting a run on him on the inside. So, bearing those things in mind, there wasn't really much difference between him and the winner. He's had his usual break at the farm, where everything's been satisfactory with him.”

Suave Richard: An expensive buy at the 2014 Select Sale, the colt by Heart's Cry certainly seems no slouch, and has already notched up two wins and two seconds from five races so far. Connections felt his sixth-place finish in the Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas) was down to him not quite handling the tight, right-handed track at Nakayama. Trainer Yasushi Shono has no Grade 1 wins to date, but Suave Richard could change all that. The trainer said, “He's had a two-week break at the farm, which has been good for him, getting rid of any tiredness. He's starting better in his races, and last time he couldn't quite finish so well going right-handed. He's switching back to Tokyo, where he won the Grade 3 Kyodo News Service Hai, and the way he won that time, left-handed at Tokyo would seem best for him.”

Rey de Oro: Trained by Kazuo Fujisawa and ridden by Christophe Lemaire, this dynamic duo were responsible for Soul Stirring's victory in the Oaks last week, and they team up again here in the Derby. The King Kamehameha colt has just had the one run this year, finishing fifth in the Satsuki Sho (Japanese 2000 Guineas). Daisuke Tsumagari, assistant trainer, said, “He was well back in his last race, and despite a tremendous finish, the winning post came too soon. You would have to say that it was a good run, with what he showed he could do, even though he had to settle for fifth. He's had a break at the farm, and came back to the stable on May 4, and everything's been fine on his return.” With back-to-back Grade 1 wins for Lemaire in the Victoria Mile and Yushun Himba, will it be a hat trick for the French jockey making such a name for himself here in Japan?

Daiwa Cagney: Unbeaten in three races at Tokyo, the Shadai Farm-bred Daiwa Cagney was a 2 1/2 length winner of the Principal Stakes in his last start, an open class race over 2,000 meters at Tokyo early this month. Trainer Takanori Kikuzawa scored his first Grade 1 victory recently with Aerolithe in the NHK Mile Cup, and said of Daiwa Cagney: “The key to him is keeping him relaxed, and he was fine last time in the Principal Stakes, both in the preliminaries and during the race, which he won well. The worries I have are the start in front of the stands, and the fact that it's still early in his career.”

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人気 着度数
1番人気 4-1-2-3/10
2番人気 1-1-0-8/10
3番人気 4-1-1-4/10
4番人気 0-0-1-9/10
5番人気 0-4-0-6/10
6番人気 0-0-1-9/10
7〜9番人気 1-0-4-25/30
10番人気〜 0-3-1-84/88
脚質 着度数
逃げ 0-1-1-8/10
先行 2-3-1-28/34
差し 6-5-6-68/85
追込 2-1-2-44/49
枠番 着度数
1枠 5-1-2-12/20
2枠 2-0-3-15/20
3枠 1-0-0-19/20
4枠 0-3-2-14/19
5枠 1-1-1-17/20
6枠 0-2-1-17/20
7枠 1-1-2-26/30
8枠 0-1-0-28/29
過去10年の優勝馬はキズナを除きすべて、前走で「皐月賞」・「NHKマイルC」「桜花賞」のGI レースに出走。中でも皐月賞は7勝2着6回3着5回と突出した実績となっており、主力ローテーションと言える。 また、青葉賞・京都新聞杯からは過去10年では勝ち馬はキズナ1頭のみと苦戦。基本的には2着までと考えて良さそう。
レース名 着度数
皐月賞 7-6-5-61/79
京都新聞杯 1-1-1-19/22
NHKマイルカップ 1-1-1-28/31
桜花賞 1-0-0-1/2
青葉賞 0-2-2-23/27



本日は東京10R「東京優駿日本ダービー) G1」の『凄馬出馬表』を分析したいと思います。




















「プロ予想MAX四天王の決断!」/日本ダービー G1(霧プロ)05月28日() 13:00競馬プロ予想MAX








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くりーくの中間調教チェック 2017日本ダービー05月27日() 17:30くりーく






















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【山崎エリカのG1ナビゲーション】〜2017日本ダービー〜05月26日(金) 15:00山崎エリカ



■2017春シーズン 『競馬プロ予想MAX』presents連載コラムについて詳しくはこちら




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【ラップギア岡村信将のスペシャルG1展望】〜2017日本ダービー〜05月26日(金) 13:00岡村信将




■2017春シーズン 『競馬プロ予想MAX』presents連載コラムについて詳しくはこちら


そういった理由で、古馬になってG1戦線で全般的に活躍できるのはダービー馬よりも皐月賞馬や菊花賞馬のほうであり、“ダービーと菊花賞”の二冠馬が誕生しにくいのもそれが理由。ラップギアのコース適性値で言うと皐月賞 や菊花賞 「瞬5平4消1」 に対してのダービー 「瞬8平2消0」。皐月賞や菊花賞とは「求められる適性」がまったく違うのだ。


三冠馬とはそういった「異なる適性をすべて凌駕した上で成り立つもの」だからこそ価値がある。それは牝馬三冠にしても同じことで、近年桜花賞とオークスの二冠馬が多いのは、阪神芝1600mも東京芝2400mも同じラップギアのコース適性値 【瞬8平2消0】になってしまったからという理由に他ならない。2006年春以前の阪神芝1600m桜花賞は 「瞬3平6消1」で絶妙なバランスだったのだが、2007年以降の牝馬クラシック路線は二冠馬が誕生しやすいレース構成になってしまった。


1997年 2番人気 5着 ランニングゲイル  【瞬1平3消1】
1998年 3番人気 4着 セイウンスカイ   【瞬2平2消0】
2000年 2番人気 12着 ダイタクリーヴァ  【瞬0平5消1】
2001年 2番人気 5着 クロフネ      【瞬1平4消0】
2002年 2番人気 8着 ノーリーズン    【瞬1平2消0】
2004年 2番人気 8着 コスモバルク    【瞬2平2消0】
2008年 3番人気 18着 サクセスブロッケン 【瞬1平2消1】
2010年 1番人気 3着 ヴィクトワールピサ 【瞬3平3消0】
2010年 2番人気 6着 ペルーサ      【瞬2平2消0】
2010年 3番人気 9着 ヒルノダムール   【瞬2平3消0】
2011年 3番人気 12着 デボネア      【瞬0平1消1】
2014年 2番人気 6着 トゥザワールド   【瞬2平4消0】
2014年 4番人気 12着 レッドリヴェール  【瞬2平2消0】
2012年 1番人気 4着 ワールドエース   【瞬3平2消0】
2013年 2番人気 5着 ロゴタイプ     【瞬3平2消0】
2015年 3番人気 3着 サトノクラウン   【瞬2平1消0】

単勝27.6倍フサイチコンコルド 【瞬2平0消0】
単勝13.6倍サニーブライアン  【瞬4平0消0】
単勝10.5倍ウオッカ      【瞬6平0消0】
単勝31.9倍エイシンフラッシュ 【瞬3平0消0】


ダンビュライト  【瞬1平1消0】
クリンチャー   【瞬1平1消0】
トラスト     【瞬0平2消0】
ベストアプローチ 【瞬1平2消0】
レイデオロ    【瞬1平2消0】
キョウヘイ    【瞬1平2消0】
ウインブライト  【瞬1平3消0】




東京スポーツ杯2歳S、朝日杯フューチュリティS、共同通信杯にきさらぎ賞と弥生賞、王道と言われる重賞路線はすべて基本「スローからの瞬発戦」想定だと考えられる。違うのは京成杯ぐらいではないか? ホープフルS、スプリングSはどうかな? ちょっと今は調べる時間がないのだが。



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【kmのG1データブレイカー】〜2017日本ダービー〜05月26日(金) 12:30km



■2017春シーズン 『競馬プロ予想MAX』presents連載コラムについて詳しくはこちら





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【濃霧注意報DX】〜日本ダービー(2017年)展望〜05月26日(金) 10:45


■2017春シーズン 『競馬プロ予想MAX』presents連載コラムについて詳しくはこちら



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【各馬の前走と妙味】〜2017日本ダービー〜05月24日(水) 16:00夢月


■2017春シーズン 『競馬プロ予想MAX』presents連載コラムについて詳しくはこちら




●前走青葉賞 G2 1着 (経由3頭)

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【U指数的分析】日本ダービー05月24日(水) 12:15【ウマニティ】






・低指数馬の激走はほとんどない。指数90未満は【0 0 0 12】。指数10位以下は【0 1 1 43】。指数10以下の低指数馬同士の組み合わせは期待薄。絡めるとしてもヒモまで。




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最速プロ予想『シューナカ☆』〜プロ予想家陣がアノ注目馬の見...05月23日(火) 18:30競馬プロ予想MAX

○コラム内容について詳しくはこちらをご覧ください。⇒ http://umanity.jp/racedata/columndet_view.php?cid=7125



 サラマッポ 休養明け後に3連勝。全て余裕のある勝ちっぷりで、まだ底を見せてない印象です。500キロ超の雄大な馬体、体幹のしっかりした走り、前さばきの硬さから、パワーも十分あり、仮に道悪でも問題ないですね。今年の牡馬クラシックは混戦で、青葉賞からというローテーションも気にする必要はなさそうです。
 スガダイ 青葉賞は強かったな。あの時計は立派だよ。ただ相手がかなり弱かったのは事実。今回は大幅に相手が強くなるし、頭数も増える。前走のように出遅れて大外を回すような競馬になるとどうかな。そんな競馬でも勝ってしまいそうな可能性は感じる馬だけどね。青葉賞組は勝てないってジンクスはあまり気にする必要はないと思うよ。青葉賞のレベルが高い年はダービーでもしっかり好走しているし、フェノーメノなんかは勝ちに等しい競馬だった。ただ、青葉賞馬がダービーを勝ったら、藤沢先生は悔しいだろうね......。
 km そうですね。能力上位は判っていても、後ろから競馬をするのであれば脚質的に取りこぼす可能性がありますよね。そういう意味で“鉄板”ではありませんよね。
 河内一秀 青葉賞勝ちの指数は近年の中ではかなりのハイレベルで、匹敵するのは2012年のフェノーメノまで遡る。そのフェノーメノはダービーで2着に入線しているのだから、当然今回も勝ち負けの期待ができるし、ノド鳴りが完治した2戦目以降は順調に指数を伸ばしている点も好印象だね。
 くりーく この馬のポイントとして必ず出てくることがノドの手術。手術の結果に関して詳しくは分かりませんが、新馬戦と手術後の未勝利戦の調教過程がほぼ同じなので、どこが変わったのか比較してみると終い4F、3Fの時計がガラリと良くなりました。手術前と手術後の追い切り映像を見ても、普通に走っていちばん苦しくなる後半の数百メートルの走りが楽になりました。ノドの状態が悪くなれば調教での走りも悪くなるハズですが青葉賞時、ダービー1週前の動きを見ても悪くなっているようには見えないので、今のところレースに悪い影響を与えることはないと思います。また、トライアル的なレースをする印象がないデムーロ騎手が青葉賞で「ダービーを勝つための練習」と言っていたこと、皐月賞2着馬を断ってこの馬に乗ることを考えてもこの馬の能力の高さが分かると思います。休み明けの未勝利戦を驚異の時計で勝ち上がったのが3月5日。そこからギリギリのローテーションの中ここまで順調に結果を残してダービーに出走できることは運があってこそ。ダービーを勝つための運を持っているのかもしれません。

 km 元からダービーを目標に進んできた馬ですから、臨戦過程には好感が持てます。距離は合いますし、東京替わりも問題ありません。…が、管理する庄野厩舎は絶不調。昨年29勝に対して、今年は未だ3勝(原稿執筆時点)です。ここが非常に気になるポイントです。
 くりーく この馬は新馬戦でも◎にしたくらい調教では時計の出る馬で、毎回好時計を出しています。ただ右にササるところがある馬なので、右回りのレースだと慎重に乗らなくてはならず力を発揮できないところがあります。皐月賞でも直線で一番左ムチを入れたいところで右からしかムチを入れていませんでした。今回は左回りの東京コースなので、この中間は前走時ほど真っ直ぐ走らせることを気にした調整ではなく乗り込み量も豊富です。1週前には四位騎手騎乗で強めに追われており、いつも通りの追い切りを消化できていますし、今回は変わり身が十分あると思います。
 河内一秀 クラシックと相性の良い共同通信杯の勝ち馬ということで、皐月賞では2番人気に推されたわけだけど、特に見せ場もないまま6着敗戦。ただ・・・

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【U指数競馬新聞(特別登録版)】東京優駿2017・GIのネット...05月22日(月) 10:30ウマニティ


■今週の注目重賞レース/第84回 東京優駿(日本ダービー) GIの新聞はこちら(PDFファイル)

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【伊吹雅也のピックアップ競馬データ2017年05月21日号】特選...05月21日() 15:00伊吹雅也

次週の注目重賞を、伊吹雅也プロが様々なデータを駆使していち早く分析! もっとも重要と思われる<ピックアップデータ>に加え、<追い風データ/向かい風データ>や<注目馬チェック>など、貴重な情報が満載なウマニティ会員専用コラムとなっております。ぜひ皆様の予想にお役立て下さい。



G1 日本ダービー 2017年05月28日(日) 東京芝2400m


○5番人気以内 [5-5-3-36](複勝率26.5%)
×6番人気以下 [0-0-2-38](複勝率5.0%)



<他にも気になる! 追い風データ/向かい風データ>


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JAPAN DERBY Strategy Tool

Result:「U Index」for Umanity Members(Free) -JAPAN DERBY 2017-

  • Entry List
  • Race Card
  • Result
Place BN HN U Index
Horse Name Sex
Jockey Trainer Be
Odds Fav
Time Margin
1 6 12 95.3 Rey de Oro M3 57.0 C.Lemaire K.Fujisawa EAST 480(-4) 5.3 2 2.26.9
2 2 4 93.8 Suave Richard M3 57.0 H.Shii Y.Shono WEST 492(-12) 5.9 3 2.27.0 3/4
3 8 18 97.0 Admirable M3 57.0 M.Demuro H.Otonashi WEST 514(+4) 3.4 1 2.27.2 1_1/4
4 2 3 90.3 My Style M3 57.0 N.Yokoyama M.Kon WEST 462(+10) 188.8 14 2.27.2 Neck
5 4 7 95.7 Al Ain M3 57.0 K.Matsuyama Y.Ikee WEST 516(-2) 6.3 4 2.27.2 Nose
6 1 1 95.2 Danburite M3 57.0 Y.Take H.Otonashi WEST 464(-2) 14.5 7 2.27.3 1/2
7 6 11 96.2 Persian Knight M3 57.0 K.Tosaki Y.Ikee WEST 478(-2) 11.9 6 2.27.4 1/2
8 4 8 92.3 Trust M3 57.0 Y.Tannai H.Nakamura WEST 472(0) 219.1 16 2.27.5 3/4
9 5 10 94.9 Best Approach M3 57.0 Y.Iwata H.Fujiwara WEST 474(+6) 61.2 11 2.27.6 1/2
10 3 6 92.0 Satono Arthur M3 57.0 Y.Kawada Y.Ikee WEST 466(-6) 8.0 5 2.27.6 Neck
11 7 13 93.3 Cadenas M3 57.0 Y.Fukunaga K.Nakatake WEST 454(+2) 17.1 8 2.27.7 Neck
12 8 16 88.8 Kyohei M3 57.0 R.Takakura H.Miyamoto WEST 424(0) 200.2 15 2.27.8 3/4
13 3 5 92.4 Clincher M3 57.0 Y.Fujioka H.Miyamoto WEST 472(-4) 30.2 9 2.28.1 2
14 7 15 94.1 Daiwa Cagney M3 57.0 H.Kitamura T.Kikuzawa EAST 484(-2) 40.9 10 2.28.1 Nose
15 8 17 92.6 Win Bright M3 57.0 M.Matsuoka Y.Hatakeyama EAST 472(+6) 133.6 12 2.28.4 1_3/4
16 5 9 87.1 Meiner Sphene M3 57.0 D.Shibata T.Tezuka EAST 450(+4) 289.8 17 2.28.5 1/2
17 1 2 88.5 America's Cup M3 57.0 F.Matsuwaka H.Otonashi WEST 448(+2) 187.6 13 2.28.5 Neck
18 7 14 91.1 Jo Strictly M3 57.0 H.Uchida H.Shimizu WEST 500(+10) 335.6 18 2.28.9 2_1/2
Lap Time 13.0-11.2-12.9-12.8-13.3-12.5-12.1-12.6-12.7-11.5-10.9-11.4
The first half 13.0-24.2-37.1-49.9-63.2
The latter half 59.1-46.5-33.8-22.3-11.4


Win12 530 JPY 2(Fav)
12 180 JPY 2(Fav)
4 200 JPY 3(Fav)
18 150 JPY 1(Fav)
Bracket quinella2-6 1,180 JPY 3(Fav)
Quinella4-12 1,620 JPY 4(Fav)
Quinella Place4-12 650 JPY 4(Fav)
12-18 470 JPY 1(Fav)
4-18 490 JPY 2(Fav)
Exacta12-4 2,860 JPY 7(Fav)
Trio4-12-18 2,220 JPY 1(Fav)
Trifecta12-4-18 11,870 JPY 8(Fav)

What is the U-index?
It is an index developed exclusively by Umanity to indicate the performance of a horse race.
The value is based on the time over the distance of each horse up to now, and estimates whether and how well they will perform in this race; as such, the higher the index, the better the race performance is expected to be.
The details are here!

Step Races -JAPAN DERBY 2017-

Sun,16Apr2017SATSUKI SHO  Nakayama Turf2000m Firm

1st 11 Al Ain 22.4(9Fav) K.Matsuyama 1:57.8 100.5
2nd 7 Persian Knight 8.1(4Fav) M.Demuro Neck 100.5
3rd 10 Danburite 56.1(12Fav) Y.Take 3/4 99.9
4th 16 Clincher 76.7(13Fav) Y.Fujioka 1_1/4 98.7
5th 5 Rey de Oro 10.4(5Fav) C.Lemaire Neck 98.1
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Hol,29Apr2017AOBA SHO  Tokyo Turf2400m Firm

1st 10 Admirable 1.5(1Fav) M.Demuro 2:23.6 101.6
2nd 9 Best Approach 11.7(4Fav) Y.Iwata 2_1/2 99.7
3rd 6 Admire Winner 20.2(8Fav) S.Akiyama 1_1/4 98.7
4th 4 Popocatepetl 9.1(3Fav) C.Lemaire Nose 98.7
5th 2 Sir Rembrandt 55.4(10Fav) Y.Shibayama 1_3/4 97.2
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Sat,6May2017PRINCIPAL STAKES Tokyo Turf2000m Firm

1st 8 Daiwa Cagney 3.3(1Fav) H.Kitamura 1:58.3 97.3
2nd 1 Red Roses 4.7(2Fav) M.Ebina 2_1/2 94.9
3rd 7 Lord Alberta 14.8(8Fav) K.Tosaki 3/4 94.3
4th 3 Etre Digne 12.9(7Fav) Y.Shibayama Neck 93.7
5th 9 Nishino Apple Pie 58.1(9Fav) T.Ono Nose 93.7
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Sat,6May2017KYOTO SHIMBUN HAI  Kyoto Turf2200m Firm

1st 11 Platinum Bullet 4.2(2Fav) S.Hamanaka 2:15.2 93.9
2nd 3 Satono Chronicle 3.9(1Fav) Y.Kawada Head 93.9
3rd 2 Danon Distance 17.9(6Fav) R.Wada Neck 93.9
4th 5 Satono Ryuga 6.8(5Fav) K.Ikezoe 1/2 93.4
5th 8 Mikki Swallow 6.3(4Fav) K.Kikuzawa Nose 93.4
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Sun,7May2017NHK MILE CUP  Tokyo Turf1600m Firm

1st 16 Aerolithe 5.8(2Fav) N.Yokoyama 1:32.3 101.3
2nd 14 Rieno Tesoro 37.5(13Fav) H.Yoshida 1_1/2 99.8
3rd 6 Bom Servico 14.4(6Fav) K.Matsuyama 2_1/2 96.7
4th 15 Red en Ciel 14.5(7Fav) Y.Fukunaga Neck 96.7
5th 11 All the Go 57.1(16Fav) H.Uchida 3/4 96.0
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ENTRYstands for the horses in the entry lists. The numbers next to "RunningTime" indicate an U Index(Results).

Results(Past 10 Years) -JAPAN DERBY 2017-

2016 JAPAN DERBY 29May2016 Tokyo10R Turf2400m Firm


1st 3 Makahiki 4.0(3Fav) Y.Kawada 2:24.0 102.0
2nd 8 Satono Diamond 3.8(2Fav) C.Lemaire Nose 102.0
3rd 1 Dee Majesty 3.5(1Fav) M.Ebina 1/2 101.5
Win 3 400 JPY(3Fav) Trio 1 - 3 - 8 850 JPY(1Fav)
Quinella 3 - 8 700 JPY(1Fav) Trifecta 3 - 8 - 1 4,600 JPY(5Fav)

2015 JAPAN DERBY 31May2015 Tokyo10R Turf2400m Firm


1st 14 Duramente 1.9(1Fav) M.Demuro 2:23.2 101.3
2nd 1 Satono Rasen 18.7(5Fav) Y.Iwata 1_3/4 99.8
3rd 11 Satono Crown 6.3(3Fav) C.Lemaire Nose 99.8
Win 14 190 JPY(1Fav) Trio 1 - 11 - 14 3,950 JPY(9Fav)
Quinella 1 - 14 1,980 JPY(5Fav) Trifecta 14 - 1 - 11 15,760 JPY(36Fav)

2014 JAPAN DERBY 1Jun2014 Tokyo10R Turf2400m Firm


1st 2 One and Only 5.6(3Fav) N.Yokoyama 2:24.6 100.7
2nd 13 Isla Bonita 2.7(1Fav) M.Ebina 3/4 100.2
3rd 3 Meiner Frost 108.0(12Fav) M.Matsuoka 1_1/2 99.2
Win 2 560 JPY(3Fav) Trio 2 - 3 - 13 27,470 JPY(73Fav)
Quinella 2 - 13 850 JPY(2Fav) Trifecta 2 - 13 - 3 103,300 JPY(304Fav)
Date Venue No.of
Going Horse Name Odds Fav Jockey Time U Index
Tokyo 18 Firm Kizuna 2.9 1 Y.Take 2:24.3 99.7
Tokyo 18 Firm Deep Brillante 8.5 3 Y.Iwata 2:23.8 100.1
Tokyo 18 Soft Orfevre 3.0 1 K.Ikezoe 2:30.5 104.4
Tokyo 18 Firm Eishin Flash 31.9 7 H.Uchida 2:26.9 101.9
Tokyo 18 Soft Logi Universe 7.7 2 N.Yokoyama 2:33.7 99.1
Tokyo 18 Firm Deep Sky 3.6 1 H.Shii 2:26.7 97.4
Tokyo 18 Firm Vodka 10.5 3 H.Shii 2:24.5 103.4

JAPAN DERBY Strategy Tool

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